Blog: ARKit 3 Explained

In a few weeks Apple will release IOS 13. IOS 13 also includes ARKit 3. Us as AR developers are really excited about version three of the AR sdk. … Read More

AR Google Maps in de stad

Blog: Google Bets Big On AR

Last month Google unveiled their new AR innovations at Google I/O. We watched the conference live, in this blog we discuss the things Google talked about. … Read More

Michel Verspagen Cardboard

Blog: 360-Degree Video Explained

360 degree video is fairly new. The VR landscape has matured a lot the last 4 years. We spoke to Michel Verspagen to learn more about 360 video. … Read More

Google Cardboard

Blog: The Power of Mobile VR

We love virtual reality but buying a pc powerful enough to handle VR is expensive. However, with a simple cardboard any phone can be a VR machine. … Read More

Portretfoto van Tobias

Blog: Portrait of Tobias Gerrits – CEO

VR-Innovations will be presenting the series “Portraits of VR-Innovations” in the coming weeks. This week we spoke to CEO Tobias Gerrits. Let’s see what he had to say. … Read More

Modelleren in Blender

Blog: The World of 3D Modeling Explained

3D is gaining in popularity and has an impact on our everyone’s life. In this blog we explain how we use 3D in our serious games. … Read More

Vrouw met VR-bril en leap motion

Blog: How Hand Tracking and XR are Changing the World

The rapid development of hand tracking and XR technology is changing our work and everyday lifes. But what can we do with it in the year 2019? … Read More

Man met een HoloLens 2

Blog: HoloLens 2 and the Future of XR

The second generation of XR diveces from Microsoft are here. Is it enough to win the though XR battle? … Read More

Man speelt een serious game met een VR-bril

Uitleg: Serious Gaming – VR & AR

Serious games hebben als doel jou als speler iets te leren terwijl je speelt. Door het gebruik van VR & AR leer je sneller, effectiever en met meer plezier. … Read More

Man met een VR-bril staat voor een computer

Uitleg: Simulatie Training – VR & AR

Bereid personeel beter voor op situaties op de werkvloer. Tijdens de simulatie leggen wij jouw gedrag vast. Hier leer je van en verklein je de kans op fouten. … Read More